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In 1994 I started having GI problems and gaining weight - over 110 pounds more now.  I have seen/been tested by 42 doctors and have not been diagnosed, their issue:  during all this time, I have always gained weight, not lost.  
Both my sisters have thyroid prolbems and I exhibit all the classic hypothroid symptoms.  Tests are always negative.  Medical professionals take one look and think there is a thyroid/parathyroid issue - negative test results.  My PCP calls me his "enigma".  One of my friends told me that she had a friend with obesity problems that were not logical and a doctor finally found some obscure gland that was the problem.  I have searched online and all I can see that might be pertinent is Cushings Disease as I also developed a huge fatty lump on my back.  Tests for this have alos been negative.  I eat right, I exercise, I sleep - my body too heavy for my bones and I am suffering from joint aches and pains in addition to sleep apnea, fibromyalgia and CFS.  Medicines do not work the same for me as they generally do for others.  Is there anything else you can think of that might be causing my inability to lose weight, etc.?  Many thanks, I appreciate your making yourself available to provide this information.

Hello Marie,
Warm welcome to you!
It would be very nice if you could post/send me your recent lab reports. What is your age? From which place you are? Send your height and current weight. Are you on any other medications/supplements? How many calories you consume per day(approx)? What kind of diet are you following(I mean the food)? I think your sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, CFS and joint pains are inter-related. But lets not hurry to the diagosis.

Anyway i dont believe in enigma concept. Every condition can be explained with science only we require detailed disucssion and proper screening through lab tests.

Take care. Bye. Have a nice day.

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