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QUESTION: Hi, I have been suffering with what I think are hypothyroid symptoms for quite a few years, to begin it was mainly extremely heavy periods I am 39, (was about 32 when it began) and this was alongside dry skin and spots on my face. I felt cold some days too and had the odd bout of what I thought was cystitis. This went on for some time and i visited doctor who suggested the pill to sort out my hormones. I declined this because I had endometriosis in late teens, and just didn't want to put false hormones into mu body. This progressed over the coming years, started having night terrors, flooding periods with large clots, skin got dryer etc but i stuck with it. About two years ago this changed, my periods began to get lighter but lasted for more days, spotting several days after finished period. My skin became really dry, patches of eczema, seriously itchy all over body, skin on my nose constantly cracks, ears itch like mad inside and out, I have endured about 12-15 water infections of no obvious cause following tests, so I have to take an antibiotic everytime I have sex,my sun allergy has worsened, i have had this since teens, i itch on any part of skin exposed to the sun. I cannot bear the sunlight in my eyes on any level even on cold dullish days i walk around in sun glasses because my eyes stream when i get outside, i use moisturising drops as advised by optician because my eyes are really dry now too. Tiredness is a killer, it takes me so long to rouse myself to get out of bed, and longer to wake up properly, if i sit still for long i start to feel drowsy again :-( I have gradually put on a stone in weight, i have tried to diet and not achieved anything, feel so tired its hard to motivate myself to exercise . I am taking probiotics to try and aid stomach bloating and constipation, sometimes adding senna when it gets to day three with no bowel movement. I get bouts of pressure type headaches, and these get even worse around my period.My hair like my skin is dull and very dry. I have had bloods taken at the doctors and they say they are in range so I am ok? I gave in and tried the pill last year, but this made me feel ill, I had six months of nausea and vomiting so now back off it.Due to the fact that thyroid conditions run in my family(mother, some of her sisters and some of my female cousins too# , as do early menopause and osteoporosis, i invested some money into private blood tests to find out exactly what my levels were.
TSH 2.59 mIU/L,
FREE T3 4.0 PMOL (3.1-6.8)
From what I have learned, TSH is a contentious issue, but this does not help. From what i can see, my t3 and free thyroxine and t4 are low in the ranges especially free thyroxine, some people say this with a tsh above 2 will be enough for some to experience hypothyroid symptoms Is this true.
I have felt rubbish for so long now I just want some help. :-(
Thank you for taking the time to look at this.

ANSWER: Hello Marie,
I am on a road trip for 2 days from tomorrow. So will definitely respond to u sunday evening. Please dont mind.

Take Care. bye.

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QUESTION: No worries, look forward to hearing from you when you are back, no rush. :)

Hello Marie,
Nice to see you again!
I am really sorry for the late reply. Because of the road trip I had developed food allergy and was not able to check your mail. Sorry once again.

To be honest I dont think you have any problem going on with your thyroid. Even then I suggest you to get Anti-thyroid antibodies checked if possible. I know that people with endometriosis are at a greater risk of hypothyroidism. But your levels are absolutely normal. Though TSH level is controversial, the argument is about whether the range is 0.4-4.2 or 0.3-3

But despite of having normal levels of thyroid hormones there are chances of feeling hypothyroid when your vitamin D is too low. Because low vit D makes your body cells less sensitive to thyroid hormones. So my suggestion is check for antithyroid antibodies and vit D levels. But at this point all your problems seem to be because of endometriosis. Patients with endometriosis often suffer from constipation, alleries, eczema, ever lasting tiredness(chronic fatigue syndrome).

But here is my question, are you on any medications right now? are you taking any vitamin A supplement? Are you eating anything which is rich in vitamin A?

Please send your reply.

Take care. Have a great day. Bye.

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