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Hi Doctor
I am a 30 yr old male.I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started taking thyronome-50 tablets from 26th April 2013.
Thyroid profile test report before and after starting medication is as follows:
Before: T3-0.67ng/ml; T4-2.73ug/ml; TSH >60 (tested on 26/04/2013)
After: T3-1.0ng/ml; T4-7.81ug/ml; TSH=4.96 (tested on 25/05/2013)

Shall I continue with the current dosage of 50 or should I do any further testing?

Hello Muruli Krishnan,
Warm welcome to you!
So after Starting the medication how do you feel? Do you feel much better than before? All your complaints/symptoms before starting the treatment are gone? After you complete the given tablets you can shift to Thyronorm-62.5mcg(if available) or to 75mcg. And continue it for 2-3 months after that get the thyroid profile tested. According to WHO guidelines, latest optimum TSH range is 0.3 to 3. So no harm in increasing the dose to 62.5 or 75.

Hope that helps.

Take care. Have a great day. Bye.

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