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Dr. Kulkarni,

In the USA the 'normal' ranges for the different thyroid hormones create such a wide range of 'normal.'  How can we determine where in the 'normal' spectrum any particular individual should be with regard to his or her thyroid hormones, and if we supplement individuals on the low end of normal with something like levothyroxine to bring them closer to the middle or upper range of 'normal' are there any significant risks?



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Normally we follow the guidelines of WHO. The current guide line says TSH range should be 0.3-3 before it was 0.4-4.5 or in some countries even 5.

But even some people fall in the range of 0.3-3 now, they show the symtoms of thyroid disorders. So if they are asymptomatic being in that range, its well and good, n considered to be normal. But some individuals though being in the range of 0.3-3 show many symptoms. In such situations we go by the symptoms rather sticking to lab values(if we are 100% sure).

For getting the diagnosis 100% right in such subclinical patients we refer a grading system in which the grades are given to symptoms according to their importance and percentage of subclinical patients showing such symptoms.

If the patients prove to be significantly symptomatic being in the borderlines of normal range then there is no harm in treating. But if they are asymptomatic and dont have any complaints then we can expose them to potential risk by treating them unnecessarily.

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