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I had an ultrasound and thyroid scan on may 25th and the Dr wants me to go for a FNA just to make sure.  Here is my ultrasound results and they sound scary.  FINDINGS ..The right lobe of the thyroid measured 4.5x1.5x1.9cm, left lobe 5.1x1.9x2.2 cm, and the isthmus 0.4cm in thickness. Parenchymal echotexture was heterogeneous. A 3mm nodule was seen at the interpolar location on the right. A 10mm nodule was seen at lower pole of left lobe. A dominant nodule measuring up to 3.1 cm was seen at upper pole of left lobe.  CONCLUSION - Mildly enlarged gland with bilateral nodules. Dominant lesion at upper pole of left lobe. Recommend correlation with I123 scan and or FNA biopsy as warranted.

Hello Julie,
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I think your doctor has rightly recommended you to go for FNA. It will confirm the findings of ultrasound and the study of the tissue obtained by fine needle aspiration will help your doctor and surgeon to plan for removal of nodule. Its left to the decision of the surgeon whether it is appropriate to go for complete/partial thyroidectomy. After the procedure you will require to take thyroid hormone supplementation daily.

Dont take my words in a conclusive manner. It all depends on your FNA reports for the doctor to decide whether you need a thyroidectomy immediately or can wait few moths.

Anyway keep me posted. Take care. Bye.

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