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I was diagnosed with hypothyroid disease in 1996 at the age of 18.  I was put on synthroid and always felt it was well controlled.  My medicine has always been at 112 mcg or 125 mcg.  Late last fall I was told that my levels were off and was told to take two 125 mcg a day.  In January(after a bout with the flu in December)I started noticing my plantar faciitis had gotten worse in both feet and my leg muscles felt fatigued like I had ran a marathon.  I noticed stiffness in certain fingers as well.  I was told by my doctor to immediately stop taking that high of a dose of synthroid and was off my medicine for a couple of weeks I believe but do not remember really.  I was brought in Feb 5 and given blood work with my main symptom stiffness in legs.  RA-neg, TSH-.35, ANA 1:320 speckled, my CRP was normal and my SED rate was normal.  Later that week while pulling a blanket off my daughter something "tore" in my hand and the middle and ring fingers turned purple and swelled.

In March it was found out that I am a celiac.  Late that month my ring finger on my other (left) hand swelled.  All my fingers are back to normal except my middle on my right and my ring on my left.  They both "catch" sometimes when using and the center of my right palm hurts almost all the time.  I didn't use my right hand when those fingers were hurt.

Then as my hypo symptoms got worse fatigue, cold, fog, skin dry, muscle pain and stiffness, I finally had my levels taken May 16.  Tsh-12, Free T3-2, Free T4 .72, reverse T3 8.2... due to gluten concern with synthroid I was switched to tiroscint 137 mcg and 30 mcg compounded T3.  I feel better but still suffer from muscle stiffness especially at night.  My hands still have issues with the ring and middle fingers and I've lost strength in them to grip etc.

Which of these is caused by thyroid issues and how can I resolve them?  What is going on with my thyroid.  I feel better but I want to feel 100%.

Hello Jessica,
Warm welcome to you!
All your tests except thyroid profile are normal.
The stiffness in the muscle and finger tips becoming bruised and swollen, loss of strength in hands all of these symptoms are not related to thyroid issue. They are the symptoms of celiac disease. I agree that hypothyroid patients do develop some muscle weekness, but there is no loss in strength or purple discoloration(bruising)/swelling(clubbing) of finger tips.

So the main regimen of treatment is to stick to Gluten free diet and avoidance of specific foods you are allergic to.

But you may need the following supplementaion because of the malabsorption celiac patients develop:
Calcium Supplements, Multivitamins supplementation.
Please understand that the main problem to all your problems is malabsorption.

Hope that helps!

Take care. Have a great day. Bye.

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