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Hi. I have 2 questions. Last August I had a complete thyroidectomy. In the 5 weeks I had no medication, I gained 20 pounds. Now I am on 150 mcg of levothyroxine. Since surgery, I constantly struggle with gaining weight. I didn't have this issue before. My labs show my levels are normal. So, could my weight gain still be thyroid related? Also, in the lasting I have felt a lump inside my throat-- just like when I was diagnosed with cancer. The lump is higher up my neck though. I get a body scan in Oct. Should I just wait to tell my dr then? Or get it checked sooner?

Hello Christine,
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Well your weight gain could obviously be thyroid related. In complete thyroidectomy patients its common post operative complication. Please dont wait till october. Please discuss with your doctor. It could be due to the side effect of levothyroxine you are taking or be due to the inflammation of the laryx n vocal cord. Sometimes the inflammation is seen in patients wo undergo thyroidectomy. So please dont wait till october. Also it will very nice if you send your thyroid profile reports after the complete thyroidectomy when you were on levothyroxine.

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