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hello doctor,..recently i went for my body check up. From my blood all other being ok..only the count of thyroid..level says...TSH...7.250. i AM 56 year old woman.

Is it on the higher side that i need to go for medication..or can be brought to level by eating balanced food?..please suggest doctor.

thank you

Hello Jahnvi,
Warm welcome to you!
Yes your TSH level is bit on the higher side. Accourding to new guidelines by WHO it has to be below 3. Ssnce it is a hormonal deficiency problem, it is absoulutely necessary to take thyroid hormone supplements daily. There is no alternative way. The hormone is very essential for your whole body to work properly so its my request you take the thyroxine sodium tablets daily.

And the TSH level can not be lowered by controlling our diet n food. Please I am telling this for the sake of your health; dont go to homeopathy/ayurveda for any hormonal problems. Because there is no permanent treatment(as they claim). They just make money out of you. And your body will be suffering without your knowledge.

So go ahead with thyroxine therapy and if possible get your FT3 n FT4, anti-thyroid antibodies tested next time. Also do not eat too much of cabbage. Once you start with the treatment contact me, I will tell you what changes you can make in your diet n lifestyle to have a healthy n long life.

Hope that helps.

Take care. Have a great day. Bye.  

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