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QUESTION: I went in for routine blood test .I just got done with a very heavy abnormal period. I went in at 7:30 am .My labs came back 6.2 low thyroid and low white blood cell count.I had also been under extreme stress the past month due to my daughter having brain surgery and other issues. My doctor of 25yrs wouldnt help me they were having to many office troubles ect.I switched doctors a week later and got retested at 3:30 pm .My thyroid came back at 2.44 .My iron came back bad .My tests show that have enemia.My b12 was to high .Are the results different because of the time of day? Im confused .Ive never had a thyroid issue or been on any thyroid meds.I am seeing a gynocologist next week but im still worried about the thyroid.Do you think my low iron is causing the weird test results?

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It will be very nice if you could send the exact lab results. The values you have posted are bit confusing. Is 6.2 belongs to TSH or T3 or T4? Because if its TSH then its definitely above the normal range. The variation in result could be due to change in the time of testing because thyroid hormones are release at once in the morning and their level is heighest in blood in the morning hours. But anyway please send the exact results because people with thyroid problems can exhibit heavy periods and low iron levels. Too much of emotional stress can cause thyroid problems. So I request you to send the exact lab reports.

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QUESTION: my first test was tsh of 6.24. it also stated free throxine 1.1.My second test witch was a week later and later in the day was tsh of 2.44.I have never had issues before.I have lived with heavy periods most of my life .I am 42 years old and under alot of stress .My stress is starting to get better so I was hoping that once my iron levels were back that my thyroid would start being normal .My doctor seems to think that it doesnt matter what hour I test .She wants to retest me in 3 months and I dont want to wait 3 months .I am seeing a gynocologist next week maybey I can convence her to retest me.I also am worried about taking synthetic drugs .I have seen people on the internet talking about how the natural stuff like aromour is better .Is that true because if so theres no doctors that I can think of that prescribes it in az .Im very confused .thanks for all the advise .

Hi Nadine, Nice to see you again! Even i think you need to retest. Because I think the variation in labs could be due to lab error.or this kind of variation is seen in patients of Hashimoto's thyroiditis. For confirming this we need to test anti-thyroid antibody levels in blood. But I stick to what i have said, that thyroid hormone is not released in a continuous secretions like some other hormones, it is released in bursts/pulsatile we call it. Its level is maximum in the morning. Also the thyroid hormone levels show little variation to contraceptives, estrogen levels etc. Also in Hashimoto thyroiditis patients the hormone secretion definitely occurs in bursts.

About the thyroid hormone supplementations, you dont have to worry about them now itself. Your doctor will decide which is safe for you. But if you start taking, its recommended even not to change the brand.

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