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Namaste, Dr. Kulkarni. I'm hoping you can clarify a statement from an x-ray report and tell me if it's something I should follow up on. The wording is as follows:

"Clips superior mediastinum with some fullness left paratracheal region.  This may be just vascular or related to clips and thyroid but comparison with prior studies, followup, or CT should be     

I know there are ligitimate reasons for leaving clips in the body after surgery. These would have been placed either during a carotiid enarterectomy or shortly after when the staff realized in the recovery room that i had been having a stroke since the procedure and rushed me back into the operation room to look for a clot, I guess. I have a little of just about everything wrong with my internal organs. Since I'm already in bad shape is there possibility this could be adding to any of my maladies.

Hello Shirley!
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The report suspects that the tracheal tube is being pushed to the right because of some abnormal tissue in the left paratracheal region(this lies in superior mediastinum). Superior mediastinum is the space just behind the upper part of sternum(manubrium sterni)

So now this tissue pushing the trachea could be a thyroid mass if you are a known case of thyroid abnormality. Or this could be due to a mass in that region or may be due to the clips/staples they have put after carotid endartectomy. But normally these surgical clips do not cause any complications if they are left inside the body.

Now to clarify things, the report suggests your doctor to consider all the above possibilities causing fullness of left paratrachial region and the patient history before diagnosing.

I think its better to go for a CT scan.

Hope that helps.

Take care. Have a great day. Bye.  

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