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Hi. I have been treated for graves disease several times. Radioactive iodibe 3 times. It seemed the 3rd time did the trick as my blood test came back very under active. I was put on levothyroxine and never was able to go back to be sure the dosage was correct. No job. No insurance... doctors here wont see you. I found an urgent care place to re up my prescription after a year of refills and they did blood tests to be sure. The doctor informed me my levels were too high and to stop taking it. Then called me back tols me instead to only take a half a pill. To return in 6 months. Tgis was a year ago the last time I seen a doctor and now im no longer taking my medication.  I feel better when I dont take it.
My question is... is it it possible that I dont need the meds anymore... or should I keep taking the half a pill even though it makes me feel worse?

Hellow Heather,
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To be very frank before making any changes in the dosage of levothyroxine I need you to have the latest thyroid profile results. Anyway all i can recommend you is to stop the levothyroxine if it makes you feel better and get the test done as soon as possible. Probably your T3 n T4 are elevated again.

Thanking you!

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