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Thyroid Problems/hypothyroidism causing weight loss plateau


hello dr. kulkarni, i have a real problem here. right now im going through a weight loss plateau and i think it's caused from lithium induced hypothyroidism.  i show most of the symptoms for hypothyroidism like eczema, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight gain, edema, skin tags, etc. can you help me with this matter. i would really appreciate that.

current blood test readings as of january 2014:

tsh is 1.9
cholesterol 181
ldl is 123
glucose is 80

height is 6'
weight is 342 pounds
age 40

Hello Christopher,
Warm welcome to you!
In hypothyroidism there is slight hypotension and not hypertension. I dont think the weight loss plateau is related to thyroid. If it was lithium induced TSH would be elevated.

Your TSH is normal, Cholesterol, LDL, blood sugar are nearly normal.
SO what i want to know which is your main concern? weight loss plateu or edema & eczema?
Edema and eczema are the symptoms of obesity. Have you tested yout ACTH and cortisol level? Or it could be purely systemic mastocytosis. For that we will need to test serum histamine level and mast cell count.

Thanking you!

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