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I am a 33 year old mother of 6. I have had Hashitimos and hypothyroid since I was in my teens. I had a thyroidectomy 4 years ago and my dose is .200 mcg. I am unable to lose weight and am currently 30 pounds overweight. I only allow myself an intake of 1200 calories a day and ride my bike daily.

Two months ago I started experiencing new symptoms. It started with a facial rash and I was put on prednisone that cleared it up after 5 days. My Lupus test came back negative. Three days prior to the rash I had extreme fatigue, joint pain, and blurred vision primarily in my right eye. I also had extreme stomach issues including horrible cramps, diarrhea, and frequent urination.

Since then I had two other flare ups. The rash has not reappeared but other symptoms have presented themselves since during each flare up.

I have seen an eye doctor and was thoroughly examined and my eyes are perfect.

I have since developed face spasms and my eye blurriness is worse. I also have light sensitivity and extreme fatigue every afternoon. I have a hard time drawing a full breath and feel pressure in my chest.I have also experienced tingling in my limbs as well as both heat and cold sensitivity.

My doctor has not tested me for anything else and only seems to be focused on anxiety that I am also experiencing.

My muscle weakness and joint pain is tremendous at times. The first flare it was my neck and shoulders as well as the second one. This time it is my hip.

I feel as though I am losing my mind. I need help and would appreciate any insight you may have. Thank you for your time.

Hello Camille,
Warm welcome to you!
Please send your height and weight. What is your latest TSH value? Have you got any thyroid tests done recently?

Coming to the symptoms you are experiencing at present, They seem to be allergic reaction to some food. I think its aconite(herb)/monkshood poisoning. So have you eaten any herb or taking any herbal medicines/ homeopathic medicine? These symptoms are definitely not related to your thyroid condition.

Thanking you!

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