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Hello.  First of all I want to say I feel great!! I am 53 years old and get regular check ups and I had my blood test come back with my TSH @.443. This concerned my Dr, she had me come back in 6 weeks to recheck and then she also checked my PTH levels. My TSH went up to 1.3 and my PTH was 8.My calcium levels are fine. She consulted with an Endo Dr and because I am NOT having ANY symptoms and no one in my family has thyroid issues except for my mom and she has Hyperthyroidism, I am scheduled for an Ultrasound to check for a non-cancerous tumor on my thyroid. I have not seen an Endo Dr yet, but I have been all over the net and I can't find hardly nothing on this type of surgery. Can you help me out? Will I have to be on meds for life after surgery? Really worried. Looking for some answers and I would appreciate anything you could tell me.

Hello Pamela Bennett,
Warm welcome to you!
So they are planning to do a thyroidectomy?
Your PTH is low. WHich is seen in hyperthyroid patients. But second time your TSH has come normal. So its better to have an ultra sound done. After the ultra-sound your doctor and endocrinologist will decide whether you need surgical removal. You may have to take medicines after the surgery depending on whether they do partial/complete thyroidectomy.

So now all depends on your ultrasound report.

Thanking you!

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