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I had an eating disorder for 4 years and lost my period due to it and when my periods returned last year I gained a significant amount of weight - 2 and a half stone. In researching what might of caused my weight gain even though my eating and exercise habits didn't change I found out about estrogen dominance. Is it possible that getting my period back could have caused overproduction of estrogen and therefore lead to my weight gain. I understand that a symptom of estrogen dominance is weight gain.

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I guess I answered your similar question on 26/09/14.
Anyway can you tell me what eating disorder did you have? Can you describe it? IS your menstrual cycle regular? Any symptoms like hair fall? Please send any other symptoms which you feel worth mentioning. If there is over production of estrogen, it should affect your menstrual cycle.

Also I had told you to get some lab investigations done. So its better you get your Thyroid profile, serum estrogen, cortisol, RBS, checked.

What is your age? height and weight? Are you taking any contrceptive pills?

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