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Hello I was diagnosed hypo 2 years ago. I am 54 and female. I have a deep voice and am always being thought of a man on the phone. I quit smoking 15 yrs ago and the weight gain started. I was  checked regularly for thyroid but told all is normal. Lase year I worked with an Integrative health doctor. She prescribed t3 which made me very sick. At the highest point my t3 was at 18. She has just raised my levothyroxine to 100. I would like to see if I could tolerate t3 most recent thyroid labs were: TSH 1.91 /0.45-4.5 uiU/ml.FREE T4  1.04 /0.82-1.77ng/dl. FREE T3 2.8/ 2.0-4.4 pg/ml. REVERSE T3 17.7 / 9.2-24.1 ng/dl. TPO ab 7 /0-34IU/ml. anti ab <1.0  /0.0-IU/ml. Any thoughts. Thanks

Your thyroid profile is completely normal. My suggestion is not to go for T3 therapy. Instead stick with levothyroxine only. T3 is used in only those who do not reapond to thyroxine therapy. Or in patients who can not convert T4 to T3. Also combination therapy of T3 and T4 has shown no advantage over using Thyroxine alone. So my recommendation is to stick with levothyroxine.

Thanking you!

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