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Thyroid Problems/Negative Feedback to Gynecomastia



I am a 24 year old male with mild-moderate (diagnosed) gynecomastia.

I would like to know the hormones which develop the tissue of the lobes(mammary glands) and areola. Also, I am investigating the negative feedback under the circumstances of gynecomastia in males. Essentially, I would like to know the hormones that would work to reduce the size of the lobes and/or areola. This way, I figure I could potentially induce the negative feedback that could take care of my condition. Obviously, I would seek guidance from my GP. I just would like to go into my appointment with a base knowledge of medications I could be considered for.

I have a clean health history.

Thank you!

Gynecomastia in males is most probably due to hypersecretion of 'prolactin'.
But other than prolactin, abnormalities related with thyroid, adrenal glands can also cause gynecomastia. So hormones responsible for development of mammary glands could be elevated prolactin. decreased levels of testosterone,androgens, ACTH etc.

Hormones like dopamine, and certain drugs give negative feedback to prolactin production. But its indirect.

But prolactin itself gives negative feedback to GnRH(gonadotrophin releasing hormone). Thats why when there is increase in prolactin levels, it decreases GnRH production. When GnRH level is reduced, the production of testosterone, androgens are also reduced, which results into gynecomastia etc.

Thanking you!

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