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I don't know if this is in your expertise but it seems to be the closest match given the choice of Experts topics.

I went to the doc for a checkup in April.  lab results showed high calcium (10.5) and low Vit D (19 ng/ml).  went back in August for a retest and doc said Calcium was OK (10.3).  he didnt even mention Vitamin D (I've been on supplements and it was Summer (sunlight) so I assume it was normal)

I was concerned I may have hyperparathyroidism despite the doc saying that its possible but don't worry about it.  I had additional labs done (on my own) with calcium: the results were 10.1, 10.2, and 10.4. all done between Aug and December.  I also had a result of 11.0 done for an unrelated Fire Dept. physical but I did not fast for that test (I had a glass of milk an hour before the blood was drawn- should I throw that result out?)

I also had a PTH test done in Dec. which came back at 17 pg/mL (which goes along with the 10.4 Calcium result)

I am a 30 year old male. I have zero symptoms of any kind Parathyroid disorder.  Sure I take a nap every afternoon but Ive been doing that for years because I work from 4:30 am to 11 am. so other than that I am otherwise perfectly healthy.

I'm not sure if I should be concerned with these calcium results, as I seem to be on the borderline of normal. (assuming that 11.0 result was inaccurate). I hear that Ca should be under 10 in people over 40 but I am 30 so the normal range may be a bit higher?  what do you think I should do? my doc doesn't seem to be worried about it at all.  I have been on so I've read alot about this issue.

I'm not even worried about my health it's just about the cost of surgery and if my insurance will cover it.  if I can wait few years I can save enough money in the HSA to cover the costs If  I need parathyroid surgery.  

also, if it's not parathyroid problem, what else could it be? or maybe this is a normal range for me?

I know I cant be diagnosed over the Internet but I thank you for any information you can give me.

Happy Holidays

Calcium level of 8-11mg/dL is acceptable. But your vit D level is definitely low. I hope you are taking proper supplements. Having a glass of milk before testing serum calcium wouldnt affect the test too much. Even then 11mg/dL is normal. DOnt worry. Even PTH is normal. Anything between 10-55 pg/mL is considered normal.

Dont worry for males 11 mg/dL of Ca is perfectly normal. You dont have to worry about Hyperparathyroidism. By looking at your results I dont see any problem except low vit D. But I recommend testing thyroid profile once in future. Sometimes low vitD and elevated calcium could indicate hyper active thyroid. Lets see the result and rule out.

Thanking you!

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