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QUESTION: Im a 17 year old female and I'm confused and really worried something might be wrong with my thyroid.
I haven't been diagnosed with any medical conditions or allergies or had serious infections or anything.
For about three months every now and then I'll get a sharp pain in a certain bone or bones. Like my wrist, ribs, sternum, and collar bone. My glands in my neck get swollen at least once a day then it goes away, then come back then goes away and so on. My hands tremble or shake not all the time but at least twice a week. I have increased appetite some days where I just eat and eat and eat. My weight is within normal and will fluctuate a little. I can't say anything about my nails since I chew them out of habit. I have anxiety, I get choking feelings, feel jittery it seems lately they've been changin from more physical and less mental. I remeber last year feeling scared and nervous all the time now it's more feeling I can't breathe. I also get really depressed but I have a lot of stress and lost of things going on in my life so I think it's normal?
The depression thing is maybe a year the anxiety almost four years, I'm diagnosing myself which isn't good but I'm managing. Only have had one panic or anxiety attack. I've hyperventilated a couple times.
I cough randomly sometimes, even when I'm not sick. I always have phlem or mucus in my lungs whether I'm sick or not.
I'm in run club so I run at least twice during the week but I can't seem to get into shape. Five to ten minutes after im done I get chills. Then they go away after a half hour. Also when I'm done running ten minutes later I'll cough for an hour. I also feel I can't breathe very well, I feel my legs could run forever but my lungs just can't.
I have problems remebering things and staying focused. I'm always tired. I've never been a morning person but everyday I just don't even want to get up.
Just before supper time I just get really tired.
I crave carbs and sugars all the time after school. And I have a problem binging but I never gain weight.
My menstration cycle never seemed to be regular.
I also get this sharp pain in my chest and or the side of my rib cage.
There's also this pain I either get it for at least three days in a row or not at all, it's always in the same spot, the back of my hip in the right side. A dull ache or a sharp pain and it would be the exact same time.
There's also this one other thing my heart will have this weird feeling In it I'll get it every second week or so. Sometimes once a day to several times a day. For a whole week or not at all.
It's like a fluttery feeling from the top of my hear to my throat and almost feels like my heart has frozen and I start coughing and it'll go away.
In my biology class we measured our pulse and blood pressure and my results confused me, for just sitting my pulse is 60 and blood pressure is 129/79 but when I was laying down my pulse is 82 and blood pressure 109/66.
Thank your reading this I'm sorry it's really long.
I'm sorry if this wasn't in the right spot.

Sorry for the late reply. I was out of station. Please send your current height and weight. Do you have any latest lab reports? If yes please send. Otherwise please test CBC, Sputum examination and culture, thyroid profile(But i dont think your problem is related to thyroid), LFT,KFT. The swelling in neck which comes and goes everyday like you describe is not thyroid related. It may be probably swollen lymph node. Your BP and heart rate are normal. But an ECG would be recommended considering the fatigue and cough you are facing after running.

Whats the color of your feces? Any change in bowel movement? Any burning sensation while urinating? Any change in color of urine?

Please reply  to my questions.

Thanking you!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am 160 pounds and 5 ft 7inches.
The colour of my feces is brown and no change in bowel movement and not for at least a month. No colour change in urine.
I don't have any new lab reports, I had a blood and urine test about one or two years ago. My hands were shaking really bad I couldn't write or type anything it was so bad. That's why I had to get the tests but I have nothing more recent then that it didn't go to well either, I had to wait 12 hours for the blood test and I passed out getting the blood taken it was pretty scary.
Which was really strange I'm not afraid of them or anything.
I'll get the tests done as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your help.

ANSWER: Your weight appropriate for your height. But anyway please get the lab investigations done. Are you taking any medicines daily? Anxiety can cause the tremors, hyperventilation etc. But it can not cause swelling in neck. Lets wait for lab reports. Any family history of similar symptoms?

Thanking you!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry I haven't replied in a long time.
I'm not on any medication and my family doesn't have these symptoms. My dad and sister both have asthma though.

As i doubted you have family history of lung disease called COPD. I think your problem of easy fatigue and cough after exertion are related to COPD. So you please get thorough lung examination. You may need chest x ray and sputum examination. After the diagnosis is confirmed you can take motelukast/theophylline as prescribed. Also keep salbutamol pump always with you. Find out are you allergic to any things. Avoid acidity and GERD. Avoid exposure to dust or pets. Avoid smoking, tobacco.

For sputum your doctor may give you ambroxol or other mucolytic. It will solve the problem. But still an ECG would be recommended to rule out heart problems.

Now your tremors, hyperventilation could be anxiety related. Or you may be deficient in iron and vit B complex. So take supplements for that.

Thanking you!

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