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Hi I'm 37 years old went to doc with feeling pressure when I swallow. Ultrasound showed thyroid nodule and FNA came back clear. Had a ct scan and found the following:
Thyroid nodule previously noted. There is small amount of remnant thymic tissue. The margins are concave. A number of small mediastinal lymph nodes noted. None of the lymph nodes are enlarged. No pericardial effusion.there is a small area of peripheral scarring within the left upper lobe. There are no pulmonary lesions. Pleural surfaces are normal.
Can you please explain these results to me? Thanks

Hello Jameigh,
Warm welcome to you!
Your doctor has considered to investigate all the factors which can cause dysphagia(pressure when swallowing). Right now only reason for that seems to be the thyroid nodule.The thymus is an organ which is responsible for T-cell immunity in our body. Thymus produce T-cells in fetus. These T-cells provide us immunity against viral infections and cancers etc. Normally this thymus disappears after the baby is born and its remnant is seen very rarely in adults. But its common for some patients to show its remnants. But since it doesnt show any problem(pathology) in ct scan and also all mediastinal lymph nodes are normal, thymus is not something to worry at all.

One other cause of dysphagia could be pericarditis. But CT scan has not shown any signs of pericardial effusion. So that is also normal.

Regarding scarring of left upper lobe, I want to know, do you smoke? Where do you work? Do you have any history of lung infection? or do you have any symptoms such as cough, sputum, breathing difficulty, wheezing etc?

Thanking you!

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