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Hello! My name is Laura, I'm 29 years old and I was diagnosed with slight hypothyroidism five years ago. For the longest time I simply took 50 mcg of levothyroxine per day, but my doctor recently upped me to 75 mcg because I was a little low again on a thyroid blood test. This made me a little worried that in maybe another few years it'll need to be upped again, and then there any way I can just keep this issue stable? I have always been proud of myself for being active and eating well and maintaining a healthy weight. I am 5'11 and 168 pounds. I have not noticed any weight gain but I am deeply afraid of it....I used to work with a woman in her 40's who was easily over 300 pounds and told me her hypothyroidism got so bad she had to have it removed and hasn't been able to stop gaining weight since!!!! That absolutely horrified me! I love to jog and swim and go dancing, if I couldn't do things like that any more because I got too big, I would be devastated! Please, I don't want to end up like that! What can I do for better thyroid health and to prevent hypothyroidism from getting worse?
Thank you so much!

Hello Laura,
Warm welcome to you!
You can not keep the dosage stable. it will have to be increased to maintain adequate thyroid hormone level in body. May be you can increase the duration in between the dosage increments. You have to take iron supplements/foods, maintain vit D level, eat antioxidant rich foods, take selenium supplement etc.

If you take appropriate dose of thyroxine, and be active in life then no need to worry about weight gain. You can maintain same weight. Everyone's body is different, so dont panic now. Some people are genetically prone for easy weight gain.

Good keep up your healthy life style. Try to avoid goitrogenic foods and consume more natural home cooked food than eating junk foods which contain msg, gluten etc.

Follow what i said above. You will be fit and fine forever.

If you have any furthe queries you can contact me.

Thanking you!

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