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Hi Doctor
I am 55, in good general health but overweight, as I have been since childhood. I am active and dont eat much. Since I am always cold, but love hot weather, I assumed I had a slow metabolism. My doctor ran some thyroid tests and said I am normal. My question: Is a slow metabolism always related to the thyroid?
Something else I have noticed is that recently I cut back on meat and fatty foods, and am losing a little weight. Before I ate low carb and never lost any weight. Is my body hyper sensitive to storing dietary fat as body fat or something? Could this be a factor? Thanks!

Hello bud,
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DO you have any of the thyroid test reports with you? can you send the lab values observed? In certain diseases body starts storing dietary fat unnecessarily. No low BMR can also be seen in addison's disease, hypothalamic obesity etc.

Thanking you!

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