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I am one of those poor people that can literally starve, and run a marathon, and NOT lose weight. In fact if I eat more than 1500 calories of any food I get bloated. I have always been overweight, in spite of a good diet and exercise. My doc says no thyroid issues. I get so frustrated watching my wife and son eat all day, not get off the couch, and are skinny as rails.
So, are their other people like me? AM I healthy, but with a thrifty gene or something? Thanks!

Hello Bud,
Warm welcome to you!
Yes genetically some people tend to gain weight easily. It all depends on body type: Ectomorphic, Mesomorphic, Endomorphic. Endomorphic people tend to gain weight easily. If you have your thyroid reports please send. Also explain what you eat on any normal day with approximate quantity. Send your Height, weight and age.

Thanking you!

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