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QUESTION: Hi Dr. I am a 63 year old male who is getting routine "Testopel" tablets inserted every 3-4 Months by a Urologist (who I initially went to correct a problem with my Urethra) ; During my treatment for the Urethra I mentioned the symptoms for low T...and had a blood test done that indeed indicated low T so I began the pellet treatment (after Androgel failed to raise it). Someone told me that if I want a true , thorough diagnosis however, I should be seeing a Endoctrinologist, for they can test my hormones too, to see if it is contributing to the problem...I would appreciate your advice before I suggest it to my Urologist, being your advice would be more objective..Thank You Nick:)

ANSWER: Hello Nick,
Warm welcome to you!
Do you have any of the lab reports with you? If you have pls send it to me. Otherwise please tell me what all you remember. Is any test abnormal other than testosterone?  What symptoms are you experiencing due to low testosterone? Do you feel better while using Testopel? Please do reply so that I can guide you further!

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: Thank You for your answer, I do not have the lab test, for it went directly from the lab to the Urologist, but I do know he said it was 135 and I needed to boost it; I tried Andogel, but after an initial once a day (to no avail) then 2 a day,,,(still no effect) then 3 a day and still no help he decided on the Testopel, which shot me up to the 500's but after 2 Months it began to slip,,,down to 300 and then after another Month , time for more pellets....Symptoms:.. I was extremely fatigued, no sexual interest, and periods of foggy mental ability; forgetting things, losing train of thaught, anxiety (worried about things that are menial), quick to agitate (not like me at all). The Urologist said these are all tell tale symptoms of low T......I do feel better on the testopel, but I must be honest, not completely, just better but not 100 percent...Nick

I recommend following lab investigations:
Serum Prolactin
Serum Cortisol

Urine Routine Analysis
Renal Function Tests

If you investigate all the above then we will be able to get to a firm conclusive diagnosis. The above tests include investigations of pitutary, adrenal glands, kidney function, male sex hormones etc. So that we can have a glance at all the possible causes at once.

We will discuss possible treatment options after the lab reports come.

Thanking you!

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