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Respected Sir,
         My 89 year old father has never been tested for Thyroid.All on a sudden his TSH level was found to be 126.52.he was advised to take thyroxine sodium(100mcg).After taking this for 32 days his TSH level came down to 4.63(Normal).Drug dose has then  been adjusted accordingly.My family physician is suspecting some error in the laboratory result , as per him TSH level cannot come down to such a normal level from a pretty high level in such a short time.Laboratory is saying that their results are OK in both the occasions  .
         Please advise whether such lowering in TSH can occur normally with medicine in such a short time.With thanks

Hello Kalyan,
Warm welcome to you!
Even I feel there must be a lab error. Usually we dont see such a rapid decrease in TSH level just by giving 100mcg of thyroxine sodium. I recommending retesting the TSH level if the lab has preserved the sample. Also normal level for TSH is below 3 according to new WHO guidelines. So its better to maintain TSH below 3. The treatment should give symptomatic relief also, its not just the lab value which matters.

Thanking you!

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Thyroid Problems

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