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Hello Dr Shrinidhi Kulkarni,  
I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditus I was diagnosed in 1998 after having had a thyroid storm after being sick for nearly one year with what was believed to be chronic fatigue. Three years ago I suffered with internally bleeding ears, the doctor could give me no answer to ease my fears of why it was happening.  It was the following year that one doctor decided that my thyroxine levels were too low after I had skipped a few tablets after rushing to work in the morning.  The end result was that my levels dropped to 0.02 (Australia) which I was advised was too high and approaching the zero mark was dangerous.  I have had blood tests done recently after having the medication reduced for the past year and few months, my levels are now diagnosed as being normal.  Now I am finding I am having bizarre things happening with my head still buzzing in the back of my head, which is very loud at times, lessening to a constant buzz which unnerves me at the best of time and I feel like my brain is being electrified, causing me brain fog and dizziness, my memory and sense of depth and perception is affected, and find it difficult to keep to tasks at hand and my concentration levels are adversely affected also. The latest thing to happen is this strange twitching in both sides of my throat which is throbbing quite wildly at times and yet does not affect my heart beat, which is normal.  This is scaring me and I feel that it is cutting of my airways and makes me feel like I am going to black out.  My sense of who I was has been stripped from me and at times I find myself just sitting there trying to think of what I was doing to find no memory or taking a long time to adjust to gather my thoughts to bring me back to the task at hand.  My brain doesn't seem to be working correctly and I am at a loss to know what to do at times, this latest throat twitch is really distressing me as it seems like another symptom that doctors don't seem to be able to give me any clue as to what is happening to me.  Can you please tell me what is happening or give me something to try to get myself feeling back to normal again?

Hello Karen,
Warm welcome to you!
Please tell me what is your age? What is your profession?
Why was there internal bleeding in ears three years ago? infection?
I want you to elaborate a little on follwing things.
Throat twitch - From how many days are you experiencing this symptom? When yous throat twitches what would you do to relieve the symptom? How frequently does this happen? Have you noticed any particular triggering factor? Is it creating difficulties in swallowing?
Memory problems - short term or long term memory deficit?
You said your sense of depth is altered. Can you explain me one incidence when you felt so? Are you unable to balnce your body while walking?

Pls send your latest thyroid profile values if you have them with you.

Thanking you!

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