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I am a 34 year old female.  Two years ago my doctor, an Endocrinologist, found a growth in my thyroid.  I had an ultrasound and the radiologist described it as a solid hypoechoic well-circumscribed nodule with internal flow and no associated calcifications.  At that time I had a biopsy that was described as normal.  My thyroid blood tests were normal.

Every six months or so I have a follow-up ultrasound.  Each time the nodule has increased in size.  The nodule is visible in my neck.  My thyroid blood tests are always normal.

Recently I went in for a regular checkup, and my doctor and I decided I should have it out since it might cause me to have problems in the future  She also suggested another biopsy since it had been two years from the original one.  I also had another ultrasound (ten months since the previous one) and the radiologist said the nodule had increased more than in previous intervals.  He recommended that I have another biopsy.  I will schedule one.

Can the biopsy change from normal to abnormal?  Is there cause for concern?

Thank you

Hello Robin!
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Yes there are chances that biopsy can change from normal to abnormal. The thyroid tisse may show signs of increased blood flow, there may be neoplastic( cancerous) changes. But these changes are all to be come into light after the biopsy results come back. But before that it would be premature for me to say whether its a matter of concern or not. But definitely the increase in the size of thyroid nodule is a matter of concern.

Keep me posted about the biopsy report.

Thanking you!

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