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Thyroid Problems/advice on thyroid tests


Hello Dr. Kulkarni,

my 65 year old mother did the following thyroid tests-

T3 - 101   reference range (60-200)

T4 - 10.5 reference range (4.5-12.0)

TSH - 0.71 reference range (0.30-5.5)

presently she is taking ayurvedic medication for excessive vata dosha symptoms.

she experiences CHRONIC INSOMNIA,anxiety, restlessness, unwanted fears, weakness, fatigue.

Her sugar and blood pressure are normal.

is it because of low TSH?

her ayurvedic doc is saying tell mbbs doc to give medication and mbbs doc saying they are normal and refused to give medication.

but when I google over the internet for low tsh symptoms they match with hers.

I am very worried doctor plz advise.



Hello Ed,
Warm welcome to you!
I want to know couple of things about your mom. At night what time she gets sleep? What time she experiences insomnia? Second thing is can you please explain a little about her fears? Please send her age. But for me her thyroid looks completely normal. Is she taking any medicine? ayurvedic/allopathic send names of both.

Thanking you!

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