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Hello I wanted to know I have a thyroid goitermy blood test came back normals on my thyroid  I had a ultra sound done it was found Now I need to see a Endocrinology Is a Goiter Serious My mom had one and my  sisters a family history   I  was wondering can you have any effects like swelling in the palm or hand I have had a swelling in my palm for six months we had a water crisis where a chemical  MCHM spill in our water And ran my hand under it when we were not suppose to use the water and it like a chemical burn that what i  believe but i  cant  get no answer I just don't know what elese that can be Will i  told by Xray deep tissue injury I know you  cant answer that I just wonder if there can be any effects like that with a goiter Thank you Carolyn

Waarm welcome to you!
Do you have neck swelling? If your Thyroid tests are normal then I dont think your hand swelling is due to thyroid. Are you taking any medication regularly? I could not understand last part of your mail where you metioned something about x-ray. Please explain me what exactly you want to know.

Thanking you!

Thyroid Problems

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