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Even the doctors I saw were surprised at my test results and thought they were not right. There is no way my thyroid is a little underactive.  I cannot gain weight no matter how hard I try so how can it be underactive.

I filed a formal complaint today with the hospital and the joint commission.  The test results either were switched or not read properly.

I didnt say I lost weight - what I said is that I have trouble gaining weight so these tests results are not right.

I understand your case. Thats why I told I need complete lab results and history to rule out hypothyroidism. I also sent you what all other reasons could be for your poor weight. I also said it could be false positive result but I should not ignore the fact that some hypothyroid patients do show poor body weight. As a doctor its my responsibility to look into all the aspects. We are here to serve the people despite they show disrespect, vengeance. And we do it without any personal benefits. If do not trust my knowledge, please go through my other answers and ratings. In no other expert answers in such detailed manner. Also I entertain as many as followup questions just to clearify the questioner. I have provided my service unconditionally. Thats why I told you the ratings given by you are premature and unjustified. If you were not clear enough or unsatisfied, then you could have asked me for further explanation. Even now I am ready to clearify your doubts. Because as a doctor I dont keep personal vengeance.

Thanking you!

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