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Thyroid Problems/Can someone explain how this is possible - Lab Results and would you ignore the blood tests


Can someone explain how this is possible - Lab Results and would you ignore the blood tests
I am very thin and I eat very healthy. Today I went to the clinic for a follow-up visit from two months ago. Blood tests results were in today. The doctor on call told that my cholesterol is a little high and my thyroid a little underactive. The doctor thinks it is an error from the lab. And the other doctor I saw today as well said the result is not important in my case

I told her it doesn't make any sense - I don't gain weight no matter how much I try and I eat very healthy.

And the doctors didn't seem concerned at all.

It would have been better if you had sent those lab results to me. I believe you dont have them with you. Anyway, if thyroid is underactive there are chances of serum cholesterol being elevated. But other than thyroid problems there are many conditions which can have similar lab results and low body weight. Eg: Sprue(Gluten Enteropathy), celiac disease of childhood, Protein loosing enteropathy, pitutary hypofunction, Anorexia nervosa, Malabsorption etc. So I would be able to help you in a better way if I had lab results and complete history.

Thanking you!

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