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I have been having an issue that I have read may end up being caused by the thyroid so I apologize if this is not your area but any insight you can provide would be appreciated.

For the past 2 months now I have been getting random body twitching all over my body.  When I say all over I mean all over, my foot will have a twich then my arm, shoulder, face, knee, groin, etc...  There is no ryhme or reason to it.  At times the twitch sits in the same spot for a few hours/days then other times it jumps elsewhere and fires only once.

I made the mistake of googled twitches and totally freaked myself out with the results.  ALS/MS always are first on the list.  This drove me a neurologist who ordered some blood work and MRI.  Everything came back clean so I was told take some xanax to get rid of anxiety that may be causing it.  To be quite honest I dont feel anxious so I am not on board with this.  He did a full examination and says there is nothing serious going on given no other weakness or pain.  The twitching slowed a little with the meds but I dont like being dependent on that so I stopped and the twitching continues.  I fear that there is an underlying cause that has not been discovered.  Can I assume that my Dr. is correct that I probably dont have MS or ALS since the twitches are everywhere.  I am going nuts hoping for a solution but the only diagnosis I got is BFS.  I comprehend that as "I see your twitches but I cant figure out the cause" Can you think of other things that my cause this?  Again I read that the thyroid may play into it?


Muscle twiches could be due to many other reasons like increased body heat, deficiency of calcium/magnesium/potassium, anxiety, hyperventilation, excess caffiene intake etc. And some pathological conditions causing muscle twitches are: Hyperaldosteronism, Hypoparathyroidism. So my suggestion is first check your calcium and other electrolyte levels. If you have blood work results then please send it. What is your age, height, weight? Also try to get some sun exposure daily or take vit D supplements.

Thanking you!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the reply. I do not have my blood work results but I do know that all tests came back normal. I am scheduled to get an emg next week but the wait is killing me. To anwser some of your questions, I am 31 male, 6'5 and weigh about 250. I am in the sun a lot especially in the summer. My office exam with the neurologist was clean but ordered the emg to put my mind at rest. These twitches are driving me nuts, many throughout the day. Sometimes they sit in the same muscle all day while others jump around or in some cases they just jump all over. I am convinced something is wrong with me and fear ALS. Does this sound like it? Do als twotches jump around or remain localized? Again I have no signs of weakness. Are there any other conditions that would cause these random twitches all over?


Dont worry its not ALS. In ALS not only there are twitches, but also stiffness/spasticity and weakness of affected muscles is present . Also it doesnt shift randomly everyday. It starts in the limbs(most often lower limbs) then progressively spreads to other muscles. ALS not only affects skeletal muscle but also involves smooth muscles. So patient will experience difficulty in swallowing, talking etc.

Have you taken any medicines for this problem? What I want to know is, what is your profession and how busy is your daily schedule? By looking at the shifting pattern of twitches, it seems to be peripheral neuropathy with motor involvement.

Thanking you!

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