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I had a serious eating disorder for about 4 years and lost my period due to it. Last year my periods returned and about the same time I had a large amount of weight gain (2 and half stone) in three months. I recently read that people with thyroid issues can also have problems with their menstrual cycle.. I was wondering if my periods returning after three years could have affected my thyroid and caused the large weight gain. I didn't change my eating or exercise regime. I now cannot eat more than 1200 calories without putting on weight.

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Estrogen levles control the mentrual cycles in human body. Menstrual cycle/estrogen has very minimal or negligible effect on thyroid. So I dont think your menstrual cycle has affected your thyroid. But estrogen idependently is  capable of causing weight gain.

Also note that adrenal hormones have significant effect on thyroid functioning. So I recommend you to go through proper investigations by discussing with your doctor.

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