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This is a followup to a question I asked recently. My doctor is quite busy but I will see him in a few weeks, and I will get those numbers for you.
About the dessicated porcine thyroid I am taking, as I mentioned I am feeling better, and losing weight very slowly. The other most noticeable effect is something completely unexpected, the positive effect it has had on my digestion. I have always had irritable bowel, with lots of bloating, gas, and recently acid reflux. Those have all gone, and my belly is starting to feel 'good' again, like it did when I was a young man. Why would the capsules have this effect? Thanks again, I will donate soon!

Yes please get the lab values if possible. It will help me to guide you better.
Animal extracted thyroid supplements and the synthetic thyroxine both produce similar effects in our body. Few decades back in 1940 - 1960, when synthetic prduction of thyroxine was not known to man then animal extracts were used.

Normally sybclinical hypothyroid patients have few of the symptoms of hypothyroidism like impaired bowel movements, IBS, bloating, hair n nail problems, low metabolic rate, etc. But since they dont have all the symptoms and their TSH is in normal range they go undiagnosed. But now the WHO guidelines say, if the patient has antithyroid antibodies and have few symptoms of hypothyroidism then the thyroxine therapy should be started immediately.

The capsules you are taking contain exactly the hormones extracted from the thyroid gland of porcine. So no surprise its improved your over all condition. If it makes you feel better and if your doctor refuses to prescribe thyroxine, you can continue these supplements but its my duty to inform you, please monitor your heart rate, BP, pulse and TSH regularly. Because high dose of thyroxine or porcine thyroid supplement, both cause hypertension, tahycardia, atrial fibrillation and other side effects on heart. So carefully monitor your health.

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Thyroid Problems

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