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Thyroid Problems/Hypo or just slow metabolism?


Is it possible that some people just have very slow metabolisms but are not hypothyroid?
Going by the major symptoms of hypothyroidism, I, and probably everyone else, has had most of them at one time or another. I am a male in my early 60's and the only constant my whole life is the fact I can get by on very little food, even as a child, and have to eat less than 1500 calories a day to maintain my weight, which is well below normal. Other than that my health is good. I havent had my numbers checked since my last physical a few years back, and the doctor didnt say anything was wrong.
In fact, if I eat MORE than around 1500 calories, I get bloated and gassy. Maybe that just the way I was made, just like some lucky people eat a ton but are slim? Thanks for your thoughts!

As age progresses, normally BMR drops down. Also some people constitutionally have low metabolic rate (and don not have hypothyroidism). Having said that I must stress upon getting the thyroid profile tested along with antithyroid antibodies, iron, calcium, vit D levels.

Many people have sub-optimal thyroid activity, which leads to low BMR. Its called subclinical hypothyroidism, and it needs to be treated if the antithyroid antibodies are positive.

Other than that, your food, the geography you live in, daily level of activity, sex also determines the BMR level.

And some times people who eat tons are still slim due to higher BMR and daily activity level. Or its even possible that their digestive system is not efficient enough to absorb the complete food. They could be suffering from malabsoprtion.

Thanking you!

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