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Thyroid Problems/Infant born temporary hyperthyroid turns hypo


My wife was treated 5 years ago with thyroidectomy as a result of her Grave's disease.
Both of my children were born with escalated T4 and suppressed TSH.
My older one was treated with anti-thyroid medications and after few months everything normalized. My younger child was monitored closely but did not require any medication.
However, while monitoring his thyroid blood levels, it showed that the TSH is going up too much. The last result (this eek) came back with TSH 3rd gen of 6.24 and free T4 of .96

My question: is that still possibly part of the temporary issues caused by my wife's Grave's disease.
Is there any further test I should ask the Dr. to take, like antibody tests?
Is there anything we can do to prevent worsening of the condition?
The child is breastfeeding, only recently began eating some solids, mainly cooked vegetables.

Any further information would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Its normal for newborns to have TSH upto 20. As they grow it reduces and comes back within the range of 0.8-3
FT4 of 0.96 is also competely normal.
Since your children have family history of thyroid disorder, you check the TSH every year and if required then I will suggest thyroid antibody test. Right now its not required as FT4 is in normal range. Avoid giving goitrogenic foods to children as they grow.Also avoid processed foods and foods containing MSG.

Thanking you!

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