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Thyroid Problems/Gluten free and increased appetite/metabolism?


Ever heard of anyone, after a period of being gluten free, their appetite increased, or returned to normal?  Although overweight, I was a light eater.  Thought I had a 'slow metabolism', although it tested OK. I am pretty sure I am non celiac gluten intolerant, and after three months my digestion is much better, no more sore joints, foffy thinking, etc. Now suddenly my appetite has increased. Also I feel warmer., and actually have had a couple hot flashes! BTW I am a 56 year old guy! I have heard that gluten antibodies attack the thyroid and the pancreas. Is it possible the damage to my thyroid or pancreas has healed, if there was any, or maybe it is just functioning better?

ANSWER: There is a great chance that when you eliminate not only foods that attack the thyroid but also cause low grade systemic inflammation that tissues have the ability to begin to heal. If you've had a thyroid disorder then I do encourage you to go get your labs retested, because I have helped many people with thyroid issues through diet and supplementation and have watched their antibody counts drop (Doctors will tell you that's not possible btw)

I am a big supporter of cutting out the highly inflammatory foods, and one doesn't NEED to be Celiac to have gluten intolerance at all- I myself am intolerant and not celiac. That being said, gutting gluten, soy and dairy are my first steps in healing for thyroid with patients in terms of diet modification. Also, if your body is now absorbing nutrients it is possible for metabolism to speed up because your body is now using the nutrients you're absorbing from your foods! The body WANTS TO HEAL and giving it the right nutrients combined with cutting out the things your body doesn't agree with is a winning combination.

Happy to hear you've seen great results in the all around way you feel by cutting these things out!!

Dr. Kalli Prater, D.C.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much doctor. I was also thinking about ditching the dairy. What supplements do you recommend?

I can't recommend specifics without ever having seen him as a patient and addressing his specific needs is difficult without seeing his other lab work such as a CBC, CMP or D3 levels. This is why I recommend you find a functional medicine practitioner in  your area that has the skill and knowledge to do this.  

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