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Thyroid Problems/hypothyroidism problem


hi dr. kulkarni, on my blood test back in july of 2014 i took a full thyroid panel. all were in the normal ranges but i also heard of a functional range. i suspect i have hypothyroidism because i have a bloated belly and i can't lose weight no matter what diet i have tried.
i also took a temperature test and it read 96.8 degrees 3 times in a row.
i heard that when your between 95 to 97 degrees you have hypothyroidism.
please help me to understand if i really do have hypothyroidism or not.
here are the readings:

t3 uptake: 32.1   range 23.4-42.7
t4 (thyroxine) 5.3   range 4.5-12.5
t7 index 1.7   range 1.2-4.3
tsh 1.02   range 0.45-4.5
tpo 12  range <35
thyroglobulin antibodies <20   range <41

also i weigh 325 pounds and i have plateaued for weeks on end.
i appreciate any information you can give me and thanks.

By looking at the thyroid panel, I am sure you dont have hypothyroidism. There are many reasons for low body temperature. Eg, diabetes, hypoglycemia, drugs, starvation. Disorders related to hypothalamus can have both low body temperature and obesity. So discuss with your doctor about hypothalamic obesity and get recommended tests done.

Thanking you!

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Thyroid Problems

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