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Thyroid Problems/surgery or no surgery?


A recent ultrasound revealed the following measurement: Right lobe: 5.6x2.1x1.3cm. Solid lower 8x7x4mm and  Solid nodule lower 6x5x4mm.  Left lobe: 5.9x2.3x2.0cm with solid mid glan 3.4x2x1.8cm and anothe solid mid 6x4x4mm. A solid mid 1x.7x.7cm.  They are growing. Drs been watching them for the past 2 years. FNA was done in 10/2013 but nothing malignant.  Surgery is recommended. What is your opinion?  How long is the recuperation period?

You have multiple thyroid nodules. By looking at their size Thyroidectomy is indicated. But you can wait another 3 months. You can have thyroidectomy after their size crosses 10mm. After surgery, recovery period is within 1-3 months. Normally within 2 weeks you will get adjusted to thyroxine replacement.

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Thyroid Problems

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