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I had a fna of my thyroid and my results said..Striated muscle adipose and fibroconnective tissue only. No thyroid tissue present. Multiple levels examined. what does that mean? According to my ENT Dr. I had to repeat it but the hospital that did the biopsy said he was wrong and they sent me a letter saying " the tissueidentified in your biopsy does not show thyroid cells, therefore it is consider a benign test.  This letter was sent after I asked for a discount since I had to do it again.  Can you explain please if they can get that information if there was no " thyroid tissue" to begin with?


It seems to me like something went wrong with the test, and yes should be repeated. Thyroid tissue cells should be present in an FNA of that tissue, whether they are normal or not, they should still be able to be identified as thyroid in origin.

If the doctor orders a repeat test they have to perform it. I don't know what any of that has to do with billing ect, that is not my specialty, but if a test is ordered it has to be performed.

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