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dear doctor,
         I am 19 year old. I faced a problem about my throat. I faced this problem about few months. My problem is that, when i get up early in the morning and go to bath for brushing my teeth. My throat let out some kind of white and skinny colored hard balls. These hard balls stuck in my throat and i also let out with my finger. I don't know what is this?? please tell me what is the problem with my throat?? should i concern to doctor immediately
         Regards manahil

These small lumps are called 'tonsilolith'. Nothing to worry about. Do you have bad breath? Daily gargle with warm salty water. If they dislodge and come out there is nothing to worry about. If they do not come while brushing or gargling. Visit nearest doctor. He will surgically remove them.

Thanking you!

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Thyroid Problems

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