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I had written to you  month or so ago and have an update and a few new questions. My thyroid U/S from  a year and a half ago had my thyroid enlarged and nodules with one being 3.8. I had a FNA which came back no cancer. My latest u/s showed thyroid is 3 times normal size and nodule was 4.6. I was scheduled for another FNA but when the endocrinologist started the U/S guided FNA he took a pic and compared it with a yr and a half ago and said there had been no substantial change and so he didnt need to do the FNA. The nodule is some cystic and near carotid artery but under trachea. No symptoms at this time of swallowing problems. The U/S stated it was a poor quality U/S. Could this mean there hs been no growth and I wont have to have surgery?

If the goitre is not compressing the surrounding structures, you can postpone thyroidectomy for few more months. Dont worry! I think you can wait. But if you develop any symptoms please immediately inform.

Thanking you!

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Thyroid Problems

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