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Hello, I'm a 26 year old female and I've been on 50mcg of synthroid for three years. I also take 5000iu of vitamin d everyday since I was told that was low. I've maintained my weight for the last three years but since the beginning of the year I've gained 15 pounds. I've been following a paleo diet and I'm always trying to workout.
I've never actually seen a difference in my energy levels since being on synthroid, but these last few months I am just so tired during the day, it is a constant struggle to get out of bed, work, and do everyday things. My hair is falling out and my skin is so very dry. My face and stomach are bloated again, like they were in the beginning of this journey...I had labs done a few weeks ago and my doctor said they were
normal. Blood pressure has been a bit high two different times. 170/90 and 148/85. I took it recently and it seems to be ok now. Also, my menstrual cycles are pretty regular. Every once in a while my period will be a couple weeks late.
I've had labs done to test for a lot of different things and a few vitamin levels, and everything is normal.

Is everything related to each other?
Are the any supplements or multivitamins that I can buy to help with this constant fatigue and mental fog?
Also, what can I take that will help me loose weight? Thank you so much.

Antibodies and T3 were checked in February.
TSH and T4 were checked in May.

Antibodies test:  321...Feb.
T3:          65....Feb.
Tsh:          2.30...May.
T4 free:          1.1...May

When was your BP checked? Is it this high all the time? Your thyroid seems to be normal though. Or if it is related to you thyroid there could be lab error. But in general hashimoto's patients are prone to depression, dry skin, thin and brittle hair & nails. My suggestion is if every other tests are normal then please get yourself checked up for chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. If you have any test reports please send them. You can take OTC vit E, iron and calcium supplements. Considering your weight gain and high BP I suggest you get these lab tests done:

Serum electrolytes
Glucose Tolerance Test

Thanking you!

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Thyroid Problems

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