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Hello, I'm a 26 year old female and I've had hypothyroidism for 3 years and was recently told I have hashimoto's, and a goiter with two small nodules. I had labs done a few weeks ago and was told my  blood work is normal.. tsh is around 2.. t4 is normal but I notice that t3 is always on the low side on the chart. My hair is falling out again after it had stopped for a long time and my skin is so very dry.
I've asked to change medications and three different doctors wanted to hear nothing of that. They tell me nothing is wrong, my labs look fine and I should go see my primary doctor to find out what else is wrong. I did this and we did labs, and nothing else is wrong but my thyroid.  Vitamin d is the only one that's low. No doctor that I can find wants to do anything but write the synthroid and send me on my way. Last two visits my blood pressure was 170/90 and 143/85 and I was told nothing of this and was sent on my way. I feel ignored.

I am stuck, sad, and feel hopeless. I take 50 mcg of synthroid everyday, 5000 iu of vitamin d, and I try and exercise regularly, and watch my diet. Despite all of this, I am just always so tired during the day. It is a struggle for me to get up and work all day and do everyday things. Some days I get up and feel normal again and feel good, sometimes I'll have bad insomnia for a week straight, but most days are hard to get through. I NEVER lose weight no matter how much I try. I am feeling sad everyday because I feel like the rest of my life is going to be nothing but a struggle.

I would like to know if there are any natural supplements that  I could take to help with this fatigue and mental fogginess that I experience everyday and help me be normal again. What supplements can I take and which ones should I avoid? Is there a specific multivitamin that may help? I really appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thank you so much.

Every thyroid patient is different and I highly encourage you to look into finding an integrative doctor or holistic nutritionist in your area that can assess your specific needs. Please look into the website for a LOT more information than I will provide here. Look for someone who does functional medicine, who will take the time with you, because just because you're taking things does not always mean your body has the ability to absorb and use them. We're all a little different and it's important you're getting the individual attention your condition deserves. You are not alone, many women are struggling just like you, and it does NOT have to be that way!!!

Hashimoto's is an auto-immune attack of your thyroid and the leading cause of hypothyroidism. Any auto-immune patient should avoid gluten, dairy, soy as these items not only spur auto-immune disorders but they also slow the function of your thyroid. I encourage you to look into auto-immune paleo dieting as this has been very helpful in many of my own patients. Diet changes take time but make a HUGE impact in the overall health.

I recommend to many of my patients with hypothyroid symptoms higher doses of iodine, this is an essential nutrient in thyroid hormone conversion in the body. It is also necessary for all hormone production, as well as immune health. I like the brand Terry Naturally, and their product Thyroid Care which has 15mg of iodine and 200 mg of L-tyrosine per capsule- this is an amino acid that is necessary for hormone conversion as well. Typically thyroid patient's are lacking other key nutrients and benefit from selenium as well as other minerals.

One of the more important things you can do now for your energy levels is support your adrenal glands. All too often these are forgotten and take a beating when it comes to having a thyroid disorder. Terry Naturally also makes a supplement called Adrenaplex which I have found helpful, but there are herbal things like Rhodiola, ashwaghanda and holy basil as well. Gaia makes great herbal products and I highly recommend them.

Again, I highly recommend the website as they spell out why adrenal support is important and how to talk to your doctor and or find a doctor who is better suited to take care of this specific need for you. I hope this was helpful.

Dr. Kalli Prater

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Many patients come in to me having been on medications for years still feeling horrible from their condition but told they are "fine" based on lab testing. Other's come to me after having had their "thyroid checked many times over the years and it's normal" to find that many doctors are not properly running lab tests to determine if people have an auto immune attack to their thyroid or looking at more than just TSH levels which checks your pituitary function.

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