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it started with Epstein barr infection and was tired: ran blood work and it came back tsh <.005 and t4 free high 2.40.  I also have hasimotos and pernicious anemia, lactose intolerant, had the giardia lamblia parasites perhaps 18 years ago with chronic bronchitis and sinusitis.  I currently have a non productive cough.  My immunoglobulin A, qn serum is very low 84. I also had run serotype 14:  5 came back low: #3,4,23,23,57) I am taking methimazole 10 mg and have been on it for almost three weeks.  I feel a little better but now I am tired and can't work out due to the heart racing.  any suggestions or next steps?  thanks

Sheryl mellor,
Continue with the methimazole with regular monitoring of TSH. Its better to immediatley put you on beta blockers like metoprolol/atenolol till the TSH comes in range. Having tachycardia could have long term consequences. So better ask your doctor to put you on beta blockers. It will reduce your heart palpitations.

Thanking you!

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