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Iím a 36 years old female.I am 5 feet 4 inches tall.My weight is 68 kilograms.My Problem is that my tummy and buttocks are over bulky.There is also too much meat on my upper back below neck.I was married at the age of 29 years.Now I have 2 kids.One daughter 5 years old and a son one and a half years old.I was recently diagnosed with cold nodule thyroid,and I had a general surgery of thyroid about 8 months ago.Sir i also have this problem that I have very low stamina and I feel that im not physically fit.I run out of breath very soon.Although my menstrual cycles were normal but now almost every month they get delayed because im gaining more and more weight every month.

In my family There is diabetes disease but I havenít yet been diagnosed with it.

Sir please advise me what can I practically economically do to become thin smart fit and healthy.
Please suggest me exercises with calories diet plans.

So your thyroid has been removed 8 months ago? What medicines you are taking? Is your blood pressure normal? please send me thyroid reports if you have any. Is your life too stressful? Try to reduce stress by meditation or aerobics. Stick to vegetarian diet. Adjust your diet for 1300 calories. Eat foods rich in high fibre. Take more calcium and iron rich food. Daily sit in sun for 1-2 hours(morning). Dont eat foods containing MSG and gluten. Avoid Gobi(cauliflower), soy, chinese fast foods. Your BMI is just over 23. Its not much to worry about. If you take thyroid medicines regulary, eat healthy and exercise regularly, you will be fit in few months.

If you want more information you can contact me anytime.

Thanking you!

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