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Thyroid Problems/Thyroid nodule, Factor5, DDD & Hypo


Hello, I'm learning a lot lately.  I've had degenerative disc disease since 2005.  I have Hypo and an almost 2 cm nodule on my thyroid, I have the Factor 5 gene and really bad GERD.

It's all connected, but I AM concerned and I've made another apt with my Endo guy for a biopsy of my nodule.  My nodule HURTS and I have a horrible dry cough and my voice is changing.  I was asked to double or triple my Protonix which I have done to no avail.

My questions is it seems like every condition brings on another one and they all seem to be connected.  Any correlation to the Factor 5 gene with any of my problems.

Tracy age 49

Medical science ever evolving. But as of now there doesnt seem to be relation between thyroid nodule, factor V leiden mutation and DDD. All seem to have seperate pathophysiology. Factor V is genetic mutation but DDD and Thyroid nodule could be similar in pathophysiology sometimes and may both occur due to exaggerated immune response(inflammation) from our body. But DDD is age related disorder most of the time. We see it in later half of the life. As far as nodule is concerned its better to get FNAC done soon and go for thyroidectomy. Because change in voice could be related to enlarging nodule

Any medicines you take daily?

Thanking you!

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