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Thyroid Problems/How to determine when a fine needle aspiration biopsy for the thyroid nodule is necessary?


QUESTION: The cervical MRI incidentally found a small thyroid nodule. The further ultrasound found a isochoric upper nodule 1.3 x 1.2 cm. It is a nonpalpable nodule. Because the size of the nodule is in the board line, should the patient go for a fine needle aspiration biopsy or has another ultrasound in six months? Thank you for your answer.

ANSWER: Randy,
Repeat ultrasound after 6 months. No need of FNAC right now. By looking at the rate of growth of nodule in six months I will tell whether FNAC is needed.

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: My ENT doctor also suggested re-ultrasound in six months after my primary physician referred a case to him. My ENT doctor also said the thyroid cancer develops slowly. Is it true? Can you explain it?

Yes. But not all cancers grow slowly. If it's benign it will be slow n shape will be even n soft touch. If it's malignant then its shape will be uneven and the gland will be hard and tender. All these things your doctor will examine every 6 months and if he thinks FNAC is necessary then he will order for it. Also he will examine you for any other lumps / lymph node swelling to make sure there are no metastatic secondaries of the lump. So don't worry you are safe in your doctor's hands.

Thanking you!

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