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My husband was recently feeling his neck and noticed what might be a lump/mass of some sort. We are not sure that it feels like a lump because it's not really round but larger than the other side and very firm/hard. Kind of like his neck feels bigger on the right side. It is on the right side, next to his adams apple. It does not hurt. You can only feel it when he turns his head to the left, it kind of protrudes when his head is turned.

We are not sure if this has always been there because it is not a spot he would normally feel while his head is turned.

Is this something that should be looked at or could his neck just be larger than the other side.  

I would appreciate your advice.

Thank you

Absolutely its necessary to give immediate medical attention to this. It could be goiter. Or a lymph node swelling. Its better if you attach a pic and send to me. You may need examination by palpation and an ultrasound from your nearest health care provider.

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: Thank you for your prompt response.  

You cannot see it, you can only feel it.  He has no symptoms and no pain.  You cannot feel it, see it, it's non existent when his head is facing forward.  You can only feel it when his head is turned to the side. And it feels as if his neck is just very 3 times thicker than the other side.  We don't feel a lump... It's just thick.  

I apologize. It is hard to explain how something like this feels.  

If it was glands wouldn't those be closer to his ears?  And if it was a goiter wouldn't it be visible when his head is straight?

There has been no change in 3 days.  

Thank you

Ok. No thyroid glands are just below the adams apple butterfly shaped with wings on either side. And first degree mild goiter are hardly noticeable/palpable. One thing is it moves up and down when you swallow. Anyway my suggestion is Keep monitoring for increase in size. If there is any then immediate medical attention and ultrasound is suggested.

Thanking you!

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