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Thyroid Problems/thyroid goiter nodule with calcifications


I've had several goiters for years on left and right side of thyroid. i've had 4 sonograms through the years, and one biopsy about 6 years ago. In December 2015, my doctor felt that the left side goiters seemed larger and ordered another sonogram. In January i had the sonogram and it showed nodules (first time hearing that term), and they referred to one on the right as a complex nodule and the one on the left showed calcifications. It took a month to get in to see the endocrinologist, which was last week. She ordered another biopsy to be done on the two mentioned above. My question is what percentage am i looking of either the complex one, or the calcified one being cancerous? I am not schedules for the biopsies for another 3 weeks.

Typically if it the nodules or calcification look irregular they get you in sooner than 3 weeks. If they are just following up as a double check to be sure it can take longer. Without a history of previous nodules they typically do monitor them once confirmed benign. Many nodules and calcification can be caused by inflammation. If you have never treated the goiters then it could be the beginning of thyroid issues. To have a good workup of your thyroid condition the following labs should be ordered/performed: TSH, Free T3 and Free T4, and they thyroid antibodies TPO and thyroglobulin, as the leading cause of thyroid disorder is autoimmune disease and TSH can remain normal for up to 10 years with this thyroid issue.

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Many patients come in to me having been on medications for years still feeling horrible from their condition but told they are "fine" based on lab testing. Other's come to me after having had their "thyroid checked many times over the years and it's normal" to find that many doctors are not properly running lab tests to determine if people have an auto immune attack to their thyroid or looking at more than just TSH levels which checks your pituitary function.

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